The Story of Hannah Cline

There are so many words that can describe our beautiful Hannah. She was beautiful inside and out, a talented gymnast; cheerleader; and singer, but most importantly, extremely loved and adored by her family and friends.


In the early hours of January 16th, Hannah took her own life. We were (and will forever be) devastated. How could our naturally beautiful, vibrant, and deeply loved daughter feel that her life was not worth living? Honestly, we still question that today. Hannah's note to us said that she didn't feel like she belonged to this world. She was tired of the drama and pain from others, and felt the only way to relieve this pain was to take her life. She didn't blame anyone; she blamed the world.


I'm sure you are thinking "not my child" or "my child could never do this." We thought the same. How could our beautiful Hannah, who was deeply loved and encouraged, do this? She had the world at her fingertips....



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As I began looking at the signs leading up to this tragic day, I realized that our Hannah was suffering from severe depression. The signs of teenage depression mimic those of what we parents call "hormones." It can be difficult to tell the difference between the normal ups and downs that are part of being a teenager and teen depression. 


Please, parents—don't ever think "not my child." Be on the lookout for signs, talk to your children, be involved in their lives, and don't assume that you know what they are doing on social media. Become a Hannah's Hero, and you may just save a life!


With love and learned wisdom,

Lyn Edwards

Hannah's Mom


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